God’s Goodness

God’s Goodness

God is good all the time. This is a quote that has been said many times around us as Christians; nevertheless it is a good reminder of God’s provision and grace. God has added to the church in many aspects since the last newsletter was sent out.


As we have continued into this year and approach its end, we have seen some more improvements to the church by the way of technology. These improvements include: 

  • Smart thermostat installed to save on electricity costs.
  • Internet extenders to improve Wi-Fi signal in the church building.

Reaching Others

Though it has been challenging to go out door to door due to Covid-19, we have been continually improving in our outreach in the community. We have ingrained in ourselves the mentality that Christ has called us to be witnesses no matter where we go and not just door to door. This may be at the supermarket or the doctor’s office, but no matter what, we try to look for opportunities to invite others to church. Some people to pray for that we have been able to reach are listed here:

  • Victoria – Victoria has recently accepted Christ as her Saviour through the testimony of my sister Tabitha. Pray that Victoria grows and that we can see her baptized, discipled, and faithfully attend church. 
  • Maria – My wife and I were able to strike up a brief conversation with Maria in a grocery store. We were not able to talk to her for long due to her having to get back to work, but we were able to get her phone number and give her a Gospel tract. Pray that she reads the tract and that we would possibly be able to see her come to know Christ.

Future Plans

Though 2020 has not been an ideal situation for church planters, we have seen that if God wants a church to be in a certain place, then He will provide for it. It is our prayer that we would remain faithful to God’s calling for our lives and that God would grow Northern Lakes Baptist Church according to His time table. As fall approaches and the cold begins to set, we earnestly request your continued prayers for God’s work here.

Praying for you also,

Pastor Seth and Family