Laboring With God


This month has been a month of bitter-sweet moments for our family and some of the families within our church. We had the opportunity to say, “Goodbye” to our pastoral intern (our son, Seth) and two of our daughters as they headed out to Bible college. It was a little awkward at first, going from seven people in our home to four, but we have adjusted fairly well and are learning to serve God with less laborers. Another one of our church families had a son go to bootcamp and a daughter married this month, so needless to say, our families have been busy and feeling a little empty. As a show of appreciation, our church was able to host a Farewell Luncheon for some of these folks and it was a great time of fellowship and remembrance.


Many projects were wrapped up this month and we are preparing for and praying about the Fall months. We were able to give a report to our church family regarding the hours put in by our intern. With the hours spent on building projects, study and leading services, he spent just over 306+ hours over the twelve-week period helping this small church. We were thankful to have his help and pray that God will continue to guide him as he makes decisions concerning his future. In addition, to the projects that were accomplished, we wrapped up our mid-week service for the Summer and we will continue to pray over God’s will for next year.


In all, we have had 36 visitors this year, a number we are very thankful for. Last month, we asked for prayer for an elderly man who professed his need for Christ. Seth and I were able to make a visit to his home to share the Gospel with him, but he was unwilling to be saved; he has heard the Gospel many times. This man’s health is poor, and as a “snowbird”, he will be leaving the area soon to go back to his Winter home, please pray that he will commit his heart to God in the near future. I was actively praying and seeking to see our first soul saved this year, but this has not happened yet, please pray that God will help us to reach those who need Him. On another note, unfortunately, we have had a lot of “lip service” given, whether from vacationers, those in the community or attendees, regarding the need for this church, but the support has not backed this statement as it should. There are many hurting people who have gone from church-to-church and are having difficulty trusting yet another church. Please pray that those who are believers will commit themselves unto the Lord so that He may heal them.


Thank You

As always, my family and I would like to thank each of you for your prayers and support. This church-plant is doing remarkably well, financially, and we have prayerfully started taking partial support. With the amount spent for remodeling, intern love offering and my support, we could very-well support the pastor at $1,000 a month if needed. It is our desire to evaluate how well the church will do over the next few months before making further decisions about the future. Please continue to pray for this church as we try to establish God’s work in the Northwoods.


May the Lord Bless,


Pastor Shawn Suri and Family