Mid-Year Blessings

Time Flies
It is interesting how time flies. It seems that it was only yesterday when the new year started. However, despite this much has been accomplished here at Northern Lakes Baptist Church. What a blessing it is to be used by the Lord. It seems that God through the different circumstances that have transpired this year is revealing to His church what must be done. Already we have seen God grow people in the area of their walk with God while they have been away from meeting at our physical location. Our prayer is that the time away from church will have strengthened people’s walk with God rather than cause it harm.  

Mid-Year Accomplishments
Already this year much has been accomplished by our church staff. Some of the improvements that we have added to the church building are: 
* Two smart TV’s installed on both sides of the pulpit for music slides and announcements.
* Internet service installed for use with slides on the TV’s.
* The church sanctuary has been reorganized to enhance flow and facilitate a more secure environment in the wake of Covid-19.  

Adding On
Another improvement to our functions has been the addition of an extra service. We have started to meet on Wednesday at 6pm and hope to see rapid growth and commitment in this area of church attendance soon Lord willing. God has also added on to our family. Dannel and I met at Bible college and began to date our sophomore year. We got married this past May. God is providing for us and showing that He is able. I was born and raised in a Christian home and was saved at age seven. During my college years, I felt a call to ministry. I have a passion for teaching and preaching the word of God and am training to be the next pastor of Northern Lakes Baptist Church. My wife, Dannel Suri, was raised in Tacoma, Washington and lived in a Christian home. At the age of thirteen, she received Christ as her Savior at a teen camp. She was baptized the following Sunday. During her senior year of high school, Dannel surrendered to do whatever the Lord would have her do.   

Future Plans
Overall, 2020 has been an interesting year that has had its share of trials. We have been in prayer as to what God would have us do for the church and the direction that He wants us to head. Prayerfully we would like to add more members to the church soon, but we realize that this is in God’s hands and we do not wish to rush that process. We also hope to add more services soon in the form of a Sunday night service. We are open to God’s leading if and when He would have us expand the seating of the building. 

Praying for you,  
Pastor Seth and Family