New Beginnings

December was a blessed month as we had special moments during the holidays with our families and for the church. I am excited about the new year of 2018 and all that God will do this year. It has been an incredible sixth-month journey for this young church.

Six Months and Counting

The last six months have been exciting, blessed, and busy! As I have had time to reflect, I am thankful for each of you who have faithfully prayed and provided for this ministry. And now that we have reached 2018, I know that God will do great things in the next six months. These future months will consist of continued discipleship for those who regularly attend and building our Sunday attendance. In particular, we would like to see people faithfully start attending Sunday school before we add a mid-week service. As the new year has arrived, people are contemplating changes in their lives. This past Sunday, we had a couple attend for the first time. They have noticed the church since its foundation, but stated that they wanted to start the new year off right by going to church. Many folks like this couple desire to make the same changes. Please pray that God will draw those to the church that He wants to attend. We continue to receive great responses from those who pass through on vacation and/or know the area concerning the need for this local church. Also, we have noticed that many visitors come from the Michigan border areas of Watersmeet and Bruce Crossing. As a reminder, half of our church property is in WI and the other half in MI. As our thoughts are not God’s thoughts, we may think that God has called us to one or two areas, when instead He has a completely different plan. I am thankful for God’s omniscience.

More Changes

December was a rewarding month for our family! We had all seven of our children home for the holidays; it has been over two years since this has happened. I enjoyed the company of both my sons, as it gets very lonely for a man with six women (my wife and five daughters) in the house. We were able to celebrate the 23rd birthday of my oldest son, Dakota, on Christmas eve and to have my youngest son, Seth, preach, sing specials and song-lead during the last two services. Also, my oldest daughter, Cheney, got engaged on Christmas day to Fotinos Korianitis, a Greek/American citizen whose father is a missionary to Greece. I know that God will grow each of my children as they go their separate ways to serve the Lord.

Happy New Year and Thank You

As always, my family and I would like to thank each of you for your prayers and support. May the Lord bless this special month for you and your families. Thank you to all who made our Christmas special. May the Lord bless your New Year 2018. God is doing great things!

May the Lord Bless,

Pastor Shawn Suri and family