Plugging Along

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is almost over; so much has happened personally and in ministry. As Thanksgiving draws near, I want to praise the Lord for all that He’s done and will do in the lives of His children. Recently, I had the privilege of preaching and teaching on “Walking by Faith” for the Christian; this is a lesson that God has brought once again into my life and I am thankful that I can trust Him with every decision of my life.

A Healthy Church

This time last year, we were decreasing our winter services to one-a-week due to the lack of faithfulness and attendance. We are excited to report that this prayer-filled decision has helped us gather and maintain a faithful crowd for both services since our returning to two in April. Throughout this year, we have had 29 first-time visitors and are averaging almost 17 each service; for our small church, this is exciting news. We’re also excited to have Tabitha (our daughter) back this year to help with the music program – it was a rough-go without her this time a year ago.

2020 Preparations

Much of our ministry plans are on hold as we await Seth’s arrival in January. He and his future wife (as of May 2020) are keys to the start of new ministries, particularly, a new mid-week service in which they will guide. Seth will resume his training in January in various areas of the ministry. Two items that we need prayer over are: first, we are praying about purchasing our current building on a land contract; the rent increased by $175 a month, but the good news is, this extra amount would go to a down payment on the property.  Secondly, we will need to update the parking lot with new gravel and grading which will cost almost $2,400. We are thankful for your support and any extra prayer is a blessing.


As mentioned earlier, God has been good this year, as He always is. Personally, we have sold a home in the Green Bay area that we’ve owned for 11 years; we received an offer a week after listing it and closed in September at a profit – it is a relief to have it gone. Another prayer has been answered for Seth as he passed his Orals this week – a test of Biblical and Doctrinal knowledge for preachers-to-be – he is thankful for God’s help. He is still in need of prayer for his school bill so that he may take his Finals at the beginning of December.

Thank You

Lastly, your prayer and financial support are always appreciated. Three months have passed since our last newsletter and now that the church has passed its two-year anniversary, it is our goal to give a report quarterly. Thank you for your faithful friendship. We are actively seeking God’s will and direction for everything we do, and your support encourages us to stay faithful.

May the Lord Bless,

Pastor Shawn Suri and Family