Summer Happenings

Since our last newsletter in April, Summer has come and is now nearing its end. It is amazing to see the leaves changing colors all around as Fall is knocking at our door. The summer season has been eventful, and we rejoice in the changes that God has brought to our ministry.

As mentioned earlier, summer was eventful. Our priority was to invite folks to church. We had the privilege of sending over 3,500 invitational postcards in the mail to six different communities. There has been some interest generated through this avenue, but not as much as we desire, and we continue to pray that God uses its influence in the future. Additionally, my family and I have been actively door-knocking to strengthen our presence within this area. I am thankful for one of our church ladies who always brings visitors and we are thankful for her impact on those around her. Soul-winning works and God blesses it!

Happy Anniversary

With the excitement of reaching others for Christ, we celebrated our second year-anniversary on July 7th. It was a great time of fellowship over an anniversary meal and we enjoyed this moment with several visitors who stayed after the service. One family traveled at least an hour one-way from Upper Michigan (UP) to join us for Sunday services. Please pray for them as they continue to attend; this is a long-distance, but normal for anyone living in the north woods who is seeking a good church. As with any small church, we experience turnover in the folks that come and go. But we are thankful for how He uses them in the church. We had the privilege of celebrating the 92nd birthday of one of our attendees and we are thankful for God’s grace in her life. It’s due to folks like her that demonstrates the immediate need for good Baptist churches far north of Green Bay. Please pray with me for God to work in the hearts of men to answer the call.

The Call

Seth and Dannel

Speaking of the call, Seth has answered the call to be the future pastor of this church, continue to pray for this 2-3-year transition. Seth spent a portion of the summer training for this role while working several other jobs, preparing for his last semester in Bible-college, obtaining a vehicle and preparing for his wedding in May 2020. He left a few days ago and has arrived safely back at college. He will continue his training here in January after receiving his Bachelor’s in Missions.

Thank You

Lastly, your prayer and financial support are always appreciated. It is tremendous to have friends who care about us and the work of the Lord. We are actively seeking God’s will and direction for everything we do, and your support encourages us to stay faithful.

May the Lord Bless,